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In the Christchurch job market, there are many potential issues that employees may encounter. With a booming tourism industry and a growing tech sector, there is a wide range of opportunities available. However, with rapid growth also comes the risk of employment disputes. Some of the most common employment issues in Christchurch include disputes over wages, disputes over hours worked, and disputes over termination or redundancy. Our experienced advocates can assist you with all of these issues and more, providing the expert advice and support you need to protect your rights and achieve a fair outcome.

When it comes to employment disputes, many people wonder whether they should hire an employment advocate or a lawyer. While both professionals can provide valuable assistance, there are some key differences between the two. Employment advocates specialize in employment law and can provide expert advice and support for a range of employment issues, from unfair dismissal to discrimination. They can also represent you in negotiations with your employer and in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Lawyers, on the other hand, have a broader scope of practice and can represent you in a range of legal matters, not just employment issues.

Remote Advice

We offer remote employment advocacy services to clients who are unable to meet with us in person. With our remote advocacy services, you can receive the same level of expertise and support that you would in person, no matter where you are located.

If you are in need of employment advocacy services in Christchurch, NZ, don't hesitate to contact My Advocate. Whether you are located in Christchurch or elsewhere in the country, our remote advocacy services can provide the support and guidance you need to navigate even the most complex employment issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards resolving your employment dispute.

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